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When a large number of birds flock together in a roosting site, it can lead to serious consequences such as:

  • Contamination of raw materials and finished goods, causing revenue losses.
  • Birds can cause property damage by dislodging roof tiles, blocking the guttering system with their nests and leaving droppings that corrode building material.
  • Safety risks to employees and customers – slippery bird droppings may cause slip and fall accidents.
  • Suspension of business and audit failures due to poor hygiene sighted during an inspection.
  • Food contamination that may lead to business closure/ suspension by public health authorities.
  • Negative impact on business image and reputation.
  • Awful sight of bird droppings can discourage potential customer.
  • Bird droppings may fall on customers, resulting in negative reviews from the bad experience and potentially complaints.
  • Birds can become aggressive and attack the employees or customers, especially during their breeding season when they are defending their young.


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