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Snakes are members of the class of animals known as reptiles which include lizards. In other words, they belong to a family of animals with dry, scaly skin which lay tough-shelled eggs on land and depends on the external warmth from their environment to maintain their body temperatures. Snakes, in particular, are animals without limbs and elongated bodies. Snakes have no external ear openings, nor any eyelids. A snake can’t blink its eyes, ever! Their eyes are covered by a transparent scale similar to a contact lens, which is shed along with the snake’s skin several times a year. Another thing that can help you identify snakes is knowing that they shed the entire skin from their body at one time. This is done by rubbing up against an object and rolling the skin off from head to tail so that it ends up inside out like an extremely long sock.


All snakes are carnivorous and swallow their prey whole. Snakes grow throughout their lifespan, but growth tends to slow down after they reach adulthood. Snakes kill their prey in several different ways. Some species use venom, which they inject through their fangs. Other snakes use constriction, and squeeze their prey until it stops breathing. Also, many snakes simply grab their prey, overpower it and start swallowing. Snakes have jaws that are hinged and can expand in several places, allowing them to swallow prey bigger than their own head.



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