Fumigation Service

Al Madeena are licensed to carry our fumigation services on residential and commercial properties in order to eliminate pests. This service requires a site visit to assess how the process can be implemented.

Fumigation completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides to suffocate or poison the pests within. It`s used to control pests in buildings, soil, grain, processed foods, produce and also used during the process of importing/exporting goods to prevent the transfer of exotic organisms. Call us to organise a site visit and no obligation quotation.

Phosphine Gas (Ph3) Fumigation

Most commonly used fumigants worldwide are Aluminium Phosphide/Magnesium Phosphide. Phosphide fumigants are available in the solid form of tablets, pellets, granules, or plates. Phosphine fumigants are used to eliminate insect infestation in a variety of commodities including animal feed and food ingredients, rice, corn, oats, peanuts, popcorn, wheat, pistachios, maize, grass seed, tobacco, etc. call us for to check your commodity.

All fumigants are highly toxic in nature and require trained professionals for the application.

Our employs are trained and experienced fumigators who are capable of handling any type of fumigation onshore and offshore.

Our services for fumigation:

  • Tobacco Fumigation
  • Rice Fumigation
  • Raw agricultural commodities fumigation
  • Ship hold fumigation
  • Animal feed fumigation
  • Shipping containers fumigation
  • Containers fumigation
  • Dates palm fumigation
  • Granary Fumigation
  • Food processing plants
  • Air Craft Fumigation
  • Cargo Fumigation
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Client Testimonials

  • What impresses me most about Al Madeena is that the Guy who owns and runs the business is a genuine, qualified Agricultural Engineer! I mean you can actually trust this company to have a deep knowledge about the Environmental impact of the chemicals they use and care for the natural world`s circle of life.

    S. Mangath

    Support Services Officer, LEGEND (Premium Property, Middle East)
  • They care about the important things like- Health & Safety, contamination, protected or endangered species and regulatory compliance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Al Madeena to anyone who wants to protect their family, their environment, their employees, their customers, their businesses or their reputation against the effects of poor pest control”

    Anil Chandran

    Purchasing Manager, GINCO (HQ Office, Dubai)

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