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Restaurants attract not only customers but also some unwelcome guests like flies, cockroaches and rodents. These unwanted guests (pests) are a common sight wherever food is cooked, served and stored. Since they also bring along disease-causing bacteria with them, you need to have a proper pest control programme in place to provide a safe and hygienic environment for your staff and customers.

Moreover, pest control is a prerequisite for HACCP compliance – a mandatory requirement for food businesses in Dubai. You simply cannot afford to ignore it as it poses a great risk to public health and safety. Remember, if there are any traces of pests found on your premises, you’re going to put both your business and customers’ lives at stake.

Save your restaurant from the wrath of government authorities with our specialist pest management services.

At Al Madeena Pest Control, your interest is at the very heart of our business. We offer valuable and long lasting solutions that gives you complete peace of mind and allows you to operate your restaurant without any downtime. Partner with Al Madeena and you can rest assured that you can prepare and serve food to your customers hygienically in a safer environment.

Why Choose Al Madeena Pest Control for Restaurants, Hotels and Food Processing Plants?

At Al Madeena Pest Control, we take a preventive approach instead of firefighting to eliminate the risk of diseases caused by pest infestation. We make your facility completely pest-proof by sealing all pest entry points. We also provide sound advice on proper waste management along with identifying potential threats and effectively treating them. With periodic checks, we also make sure that your food business is completely hygienic and adhering to the HACCP safety standards.

As a pest control expert, we’ve been working with various hotels, restaurants and food processing plants in Dubai and across the UAE to help them offer quality food to their customers as well as to meet their regulatory requirements.

By eradicating pests in your premises, we reduce the risk of food contamination, safeguarding your business and reputation.

Need pest control for your food business? Reach out to us and talk to our pest control experts now. +971 (0) 52 4789056