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Hospitals and healthcare centres provide the perfect living condition for pests to grow and thrive. No matter how hard you try to prevent their entry, certain pests like bed bugs, mosquitoes and ants come along with visitors and patients, usually sitting on their bags – and spread profusely in no time.

Though not all pests pose health risks to patients, they can definitely show your hospital in a negative light. But, there are also pests that not merely affect your reputation but are also capable of spreading deadly diseases. For example, rodents and cockroaches. They can invade your premises, through unsealed cracks and cavities around your building, causing great harm, if left untreated.

As a pest control expert working with various hospitals in Dubai and across the UAE, Al Madeena Pest Control Services can easily foresee and prevent all potential pest problems in your premises.

Why Choose Al Madeena for Pest Control in Hospitals?

Al Madeena can effectively treat any pest problem without causing disturbance or harm to your patients. We give extreme importance to public health and understand that the Dubai Health Authority requires a hospital to be a safe and hygienic place for both the patients and staff.

Our pest control services for hospitals including fumigation service, disinfection servicerodent control, bed bug control and ant control are aimed to mitigate the risk of infections and diseases caused by pest infestation, thus providing long-term relief for your problems.

By choosing us as your pest management partner, your hospital will be under the surveillance of a dedicated pest control expert, who will periodically visit your facility, checking the bait stations, identifying pest-related risks and suggesting the best plan of action for preventing them. We also provide pest control call-out services for emergency cases, which is available 24/7.

Get quick remedy for your pest control issues with the right treatment solution. Give us a call right away at +971 (0) 52 4789056