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Cockroaches crawling around always leave the impression of an unhygienic place. If your business or house is infested with this pest, you’re probably at high risk of diseases like food poisoning, dysentery, salmonella, asthma and eczema. What’s even worse, you run the risk of being abandoned by your customers.

Cockroaches can breed quickly, so they have to be controlled early, the moment you spot them or sense their scent. Yes, they produce a strange odour, mostly when there are too many cockroaches in an area. If you notice an unusual smell emanating from your kitchen cupboard or store room, it is definitely a sign of cockroaches. Delay in taking action can cause an infestation and even lead to the closure of your facility by the public health department.

However, there are many other ways (or signs) to identify cockroach infestation such as their eggs, droppings, and skin and body parts, usually found lying around in shelves, and cupboards that you rarely use.

Al Madeena Pest Control has been a specialist in cockroach pest control in Dubai. Our trained technicians will help you drive cockroaches away from your home and business and provide preventive measures to block their re-entry.

Why Choose Al Madeena for Cockroach Control in Dubai?

For cockroach control, you always need an effective solution, which only an expert pest control provider can provide. Given their broad range of species, one needs to have a definitive idea of their characteristics and possess the know-how to eliminate them. With several years of hands-on experience, Al Madeena Pest Control team knows how to deal with pests like cockroaches, giving you 100% satisfaction and ongoing protection.

Our solutions including gel and spray are environmentally-approved and designed for safe extermination of pests. With little to no disruption of activity, we can kill all the cockroaches wandering and hiding in your house and business, providing complete peace of mind and lasting results. We provide our service 24/7 with no-quibble guarantee, so you can choose a time convenient for you to see our technicians in action.

If you find cockroach eggs or droppings in your place, contact Al Madeena Pest Control before it is too late to handle. We’ll help you get rid of the cockroach problem permanently.