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Mosquitoes breed in stagnated water more than 10 -12 days. So there should not be water stagnation in any form in the vicinity. Mosquitos is a real nuisance, leaving itching bite marks and keeping us awake at night. Also mosquitoes transmit range potentially fatal diseases. The most prominent diseases spread by mosquitoes are malaria, dengue and Chikungunya as well as Japanese encephalitis.

Some important things to know about mosquitos are:

1. Existence of Mosquitoes is as old as 400 million years.
2. They breed in stagnated water and so are found close to still water, where their larvae feed and develop.
Only female mosquitoes bite.
3. Mosquitoes will normally bite you at dawn or dusk.
4. Mosquitoes are attracted to heat and they find lactic acid alluring thus would tend to bite people who had just exercised.
5. Bigger people tend to attract more mosquitoes because they produce higher Carbon Dioxide and lactic acid.