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Fumigation Services in Dubai

Struggling to get rid of weevils from your granary? Need a solution for the complete extermination of pests from your property? Not to worry, we are here to help. Al Madeena Pest Control is a licensed fumigation company in Dubai specialising in commercial, industrial, residential and container fumigation services. Our fumigators are trained professionals. They have several years of hands-on experience and adhere to the strictest safety standards and the UAE regulations.

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation is a pest control procedure, which involves the use of gaseous chemicals or fumigants rather than spray and gels. Often performed in enclosed spaces, fumigation is a popular pest-proofing solution and can kill pests ranging from termites, cockroaches, beetles, moths, weevils, silverfish, bed bugs, and other insects to rodents. It is carried out either alone or in combination with other treatments, and mostly when other methods fail. However, container fumigation is a prerequisite for shipping. Being a hazardous procedure, fumigation requires trained and licensed technicians.

Fumigation Process

Our 3-step fumigation process is designed to eliminate all pests from your facility in the shortest time possible, making it a clean and hygienic space.

  1. Step : We begin by performing a site inspection to identify the type and the extent of pest infestation. We, then, schedule the treatment on a date convenient for you.
  2. Step : On the date of fumigation, our technician will arrive at your facility. He will, first, make the space air-tight by sealing it. He then ensures everything is either removed or sealed completely. Taking all precautionary measures, he then pumps the fumigants thoroughly into the enclosed area. Depending on the intensity of infestation the fumigants are contained in the area.
  3. Step : Once he feels that all the pests have been killed, the space is properly ventilated to make sure there is no trace of chemicals in the air. You can access the facility once he confirms.

Types of Fumigation Services We Offer

Fumigation can be loosely grouped into two main categories:

Structure fumigation: Fumigation carried out in buildings including homes, manufacturing plants, warehouses, food processing units, etc.

Commodity fumigation: Fumigation carried out on agricultural produce, in shipping containers, etc.

At Al Madeena Pest Control, we offer the following fumigation services:

  • Tobacco Fumigation
  • Rice Fumigation
  • Raw agricultural commodities fumigation
  • Ship hold fumigation
  • Animal feed fumigation
  • Shipping containers fumigation
  • Containers fumigation
  • Dates palm fumigation
  • Granary Fumigation
  • Food processing plants
  • Air Craft Fumigation
  • Cargo Fumigation

How to Prepare Your Building for Fumigation?

Fumigation involves the use of hazardous chemicals. Therefore, it requires you to take some precautions:

1) You must remove all food items, drinks, medicines, pets, pet food, plants, aquarium, etc. from the room.

2) You must also empty the drawers and cupboards in the room and keep them open.

3) You must turn off the air conditioners, computer devices and other electrical appliances and unplug them.

4) Make sure you don’t leave behind any hideouts for the pests.

5) Make sure there are no creepers or climbers on your structure and no branches leaning over your building.

Fumigants We Use

Fumigants are chemicals in the gaseous form. We use Phosphine Gas (Ph3) fumigation (Aluminium Phosphide or Magnesium Phosphide). They leave zero residues behind after the procedure. They come in either pallet or tablet size. Ph3 fumigation is used to kill pests in food commodities such as rice, maize, tobacco, animal feed, etc.

Why Choose Fumigation over Other Methods

Pesticides in the liquid and solid form have their own limitations. However, fumigation is the application of pesticides in their gaseous form. It covers a wider area and easily penetrates the cracks and crevices. Here are some of the advantages of fumigation over other pest control treatments:

  • Kills pests of all types and at all stages of growth
  • Highly effective method for enclosed spaces
  • Fast and long-lasting results
  • Covers a wider area and places where other methods can’t reach

Do you need fumigation services for your home or business? Do feel free to contact us. We’ll do a free inspection and then schedule the fumigation if necessary. We ensure that the fumigation is done in utmost safety.