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When it comes to termites, we advise you to seek professional help rather than dealing with them yourself. When you spot the signs of termite infestation, you can be sure that some damage would have already occurred to your building. Only a professional pest control team can save you from further loss.

Termites are among the most dangerous pests in the UAE and almost every building in the country is under constant threat from this nuisance. No matter how carefully you inspect, traces of termite activities are barely noticeable, because they attack either from within the structure or from the underground. Yet, gradually, probably after days and months, you will come across signs like mud tube formation on the walls, fallen wings, and wood dust.

Termites are also called ‘wood borers’ because they devour wooden structures, turning them hollow. Termites mostly attack wooden furniture and fixtures, books, and materials that contain cellulose. Besides causing structural damage, they can erode the value of your property. Therefore, effective termite control in Dubai is necessary for all your properties as well as if you’re planning to construct a new one.

Al Madeena Pest Control is well renowned in the UAE for our quick and safe termite pest control treatments. We use the latest products and technology to provide you with a long-term solution for your termite problems.

Why Choose Al Madeena for Termite Pest Control in Dubai?

Al Madeena Pest Control deals with pest problems like termites very professionally, after carefully understanding their nature and behaviour. We always rely on environmentally-friendly methods and fewer chemicals to achieve better, guaranteed results, to avoid pollution and other environmental risks.

Pre-Construction Termite Prevention:

Unlike other pest treatments, termite prevention should happen before you even start constructing a building. This is called pre-construction termite prevention. Legally or by contractual obligation, you are bound to carry out pre-construction anti-termite treatments to protect your building and eliminate future risks. The process starts with a site survey, chemical applications, soil treatments and continued evaluation. We call it termite-proofing, which comes with a limited-time service warranty. This increases the longevity of your building.

Post-Construction Termite Treatment:

With changes in the environment, vulnerability increases. So you need to keep tabs on your surroundings to reduce the risk of termite attack. However, there is a high chance of termites when you bring untreated wood materials into your home such as wooden door frames, furniture and fixtures. This calls for post-construction treatments as well. At Al Madeena Pest Control, we leave no stone unturned to help you out of this situation. Using safe and advanced methods and chemicals, we destroy termite colonies and prevent them from spreading, ensuring your property remains free from termites, always.